After all the thought and hard work of making a quilt top, we seek a partner who will finish our quilts with complementary quilting and fulfill our vision.  Jane is that partner for me and amazes me every time with her artistry and excellence.  I highly recommend you choose her as your partner!

-MaryBeth D



Thank you for the beautiful work you do!

-Paula K



You take a so-so quilt top and turn it into a thing of beauty!  You amaze me!  I am so happy to have found you!

-Grace J

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Quilt Pricing - 

  • Pricing is based on the size of your quilt top.
  • Several factors to consider, the density of the quilting design and how much time to stitch your design.  We have thousands to choose from!
  • Type of batting also plays a part in the calculations, please download How to Prepare your Quilt Top for Quilting  below.
  •  Quilting designs begin at $0.027 psi (per square inch).
  • Shipping is available- let us know if you choose this option. 
  • Download and fill out STD Work Order Form  to include with your quilt.  Repeat clients, please fill out the form below.
  • Questions - call or text 810-447-0668 or email
  • Additional charges may apply for mulitple fabrics used in backings, client sent battings and or sheets used as a backing due to uneven stretching which results with tucks in the backing.  
  • Minimum quilting charge = $60.00